Manfred Kaiser

Sensitivity, groove and the silence between the notes characterize his unique style. "I want to hear silence very loudly."

At an age of 6 he already showed interest for playing the guitar. The song "Albatros" by Fleetwood Mac faszinated the little boy. In his neighbourhood rehearsed a band called "Caesar", whose singer and guitarist gave him his first lessons on the guitar. From that moment on it was clear for Manfred: Music is going to rule his life.

However, it became more and more obvious to him at the age of 13, that his main interest is the bass, for he didn't want to ignore his love for the low notes any longer. During the late 80s he gained a lot of practise playing in American NCO Clubs. According to his own statements this was the period he developed the most. Projects like with the "Joe Root Band" followed. He gained recognition soon: German Rock Award, Bavarian Blues Award, Montreux Jazz Festival.



Klaus Neubert

After attending a music college and various artistic projects in Los Angels, Munich and Frankfurt, he gained a lot of experience with bands, sessions and guest performances i.e. with Louisana Red and at the International Varieté Festival in Sennfeld. After the birth of his daughter he moved back to his hometown and became mainly active with regional projects like "Horizions" and "One mans Blues" with Michael Christof Schmitt, or the unplugged trio "Down at the Corner" as well as various session performances. On top of that he is still playing with bands he knew from his time in Frankfurt like the jazz band "West of the Moon" or the "Edwin Steimer Band".

2005 he released the CD "Different Worlds" with originals only, which includes genres like Jazz, Latin, Blues and Fusion. There is also a duo project with Eugen de Ryck to be released soon.

Moreover the versatile guitarist and bass player is teaching at the music school "Dreiklang" in Hassfurt and is a lecturer at an Academy in Hofheim.

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