Eckhard Naujoks performs his music publicly and gives art exhibitions since 2002. Inspired by poets, painters and musicians from a young age Eckhard has developed a versatile artistic expression. At the beginning the visual arts have been more in focus, but music, nevertheless has always been a driving force. Especially the Beatles, the Doors and Bob Dylan touched him deeply.

"This music has a depth, honesty and an inspirational power that was unusual in the rock music scene. Rock music then was an exciting journey to discover oneself, to expend one's consciousness or just to celebrate life. Such a positive cultural statement can probably only be understood with the background of two world wars, the Vietnam War and a suppressive and authoritarian education system. The best artist during that time really wanted to inspire people to live more intensely and wake them up spiritually and transcendentally. Later on art became to me, with some exceptions, often shallow and consumption-oriented and was many times no more then a baby's rattle to distract and flee oneself. "



Eckhard Naujoks developed his own style as a songwriter on a long journey through Asia, Australia and mainly in the USA, where he lived around a gospel church and was inspired to write and perform songs. His songs are spiritual, but are not limited by religious concepts or beliefs.


He has received several awards including the German Pop and Rock Prize or an unisong award, and has performed for several years in clubs and on stages in Munich (Pasinger Fabrik, Blues Bar).


Apart from that he has developed his artistic style as a sculptor and painter. At the moment he works at a John Lennon exhibition and offers portrait paintings that can be ordered by internet.


For private reasons Eckhard Naujoks moved to Horn-Bad Meinberg and gives regularly concerts in the Nordrhein-Westphalen area and is available for private bookings.

Why you should book me

I consider myself as a John Lennon Interpreter, who is dedicated to keep his spirit alive with homages of his songs. Apart from that I have a few dozen original songs that are connected to his music.

It fascinates me about Lennon that he was continously progressing and transcending. Today he is mainly associated with peace and love. But if you know his biography, it becomes clear, that he had a very complex personality and had his processes to live these ideals.

I guess, it might be one of the main challenges in life to preserve the ability to love. Because life is designed that way to bring disappointments and dramas sooner or later, that could easily manifest grievances. Whereas you can only progress in life, if you don’t build a wall around your heart, but allow the abundance and creativity of life to flow through you. That is not immature and childishly naive, on the contray it shows deep wisdom and understanding of life. As the alternative would be to mutate into a cold and withdrawn cynic.


Lennon was a genius as a musician and as a poet. Though the greatest present he left us behind, according to my opinion, is that he lived the massage “love is the answer“ in a credible way - a dictum, which was made by poets and prophets since thousands of years - but it makes it easier accessible for many people today, if the person lived in the 20th century and not ages ago.


If I could be a small wave in that stream, I would be greatly pleased … and according to your event, I would be a good choice to bring that spirit alive.