Biographical notes:


I give concerts and make exibitions since 2002. From an early age on artist had had a strong impact on me, though it included many genres of art. Accordingly my own expression turned out pretty versatile. I.e. I received an education as a sculptor. Nevertheless music and painting accompainied me throughout my life as ways of expression and sources of inspiration. In that respect I want to emphasise the Beatles, the Doors and Bob Dylan. Probably I should mention David Bowie und Sting  too, though there are too many to mention. 


I like to play with tradional forms. Not to look for an asylum in the past, but to make the heritage alive, because many of the claims of former artist have been forgotten. Anyway, a form or mould has no life of its own. It is like a stripped off snakeskin, which is dead in itsself. Only if the spirit of the present is inhaled it might regain significance. As long as the ideals of the past are not lived, it seems to me progressive to remind of them. And if they have truth within them, they belong anyway to the ever-present. 


My own style as a songwriter I have developed on a long journey through Asia, Australia and mainly in the USA, where I lived around a gospel church and was inspired to write and perform songs. My songs are spiritual, though I avoid religious concepts. Some of them have been awarded with prizes (like the German Pop und Rock Prize or an Unisong Award), whatever that means. For serveral years I performed in clubs and on stages in Munich (Pasinger Fabrik, Blues Bar). The videos might give an impression.


Apart from that I developed my artistic style as a sculptor and painter. At the moment I prepare a John Lennon exhibition and offer portrait paintings that can be ordered by the internet.


For private reasons I moved to Quedlinburg and give regularly concerts in the  area and I am available for private bookings.











Why you should book me


I will put my focus on my own songs, though I like to play ethnical music or hommages to other artists. If I had to mention an artist to whom I feel especially connected, I would name John Lennon, whose spirit I try to keep alive by playing his songs.


It fascinates me about Lennon, that he was continously progressing and transcending. Today he is mainly associated with the peace-and-love-movement. But if you know his biography, it becomes clear, that he had a very complex personality and had his processes to live those ideals. With his creative ability to express himself, one can easily participate where he was standing at each point of his life. His life was driven by the strife to refine himself, to become more authentic and serene. 


Lennon was a genius as a musician and as a poet. Though, I think, the greatest gift he left behind, is the dictum “love is the answer“ -  which appears almost kitschy today and is usually assoziated with the hippy-movement, but which was made by poets and prophets since thousands of years. He has carried those words so prominently like no one else into the 20th centuary. This dictum is usually interpreted as weakness. But it takes courage to open up and show ones vulnerablity. Maybe courage is not the right word, if one has realized it as a necessity. For it is the only possibility to avoide to create ones life out of the garbage of the past, but to open a new chapter.


It is imbedded in the spirit of music, that only the present counts. Even if one uses tradional songs and compositions, the only possibility to breath life into them is the present moment. So every concert is an invitation to be connected by the flow of this ever-present. At least that's the challenge. In this sense: Bon voyage!